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HKPCA Chuen Lung Photography Resource Centre

Located at a traditional Hakka village in Chuen Lung, the proposed site is surrounded by fresh greenery and relaxing nature in distance. This project involves the revitalisation of a vacant village school into a photography resource centre operated by the Hong Kong Photographic Culture Association (HKPCA). The existing building components and fixtures will be preserved and utilised as far as possible to promote the local history and culture of Chuen Lung Village, with the provision of a landscaped open area fostering a communal space for photographers, neighbouring villagers and visitors.

Project Location:

Koon Man School, Chuen Lung


Hong Kong Photographic Culture Association Ltd



Project Type:

Historical/ Cultural/ Ecological

Project Scope:

Government Submission, Conceptual & Schematic Design, Detailed Design, Tender, Construction

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OTHERLAND : Project2 image


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