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Public Rental Housing Development at A Kung Ngam Road

We are appointed to facilitate a S.12A Planning Application / Rezoning Request to the Town Planning Board, and the construction of this proposed development is targeted to be completed in 2029. The site is approximately 4512 sqm., surrounded by existing residential buildings of Ming Wah Dai Ha. The design focus is to preserve the historical Ficus in the garden, fostering a communal space to support various activities within this urban area, which also creates a gradient of florals and greenery along the stairway as a well-connected space to visually harmonise the huge level difference in between.

Project Location:

Shau Kei Wan


Hong Kong Housing Society



Project Type:

Residential/ Commercial


Project Scope:

Planning Application, Government Submission, Conceptual & Schematic Design

OTHERLAND : Project2 image
OTHERLAND : Project2 image
OTHERLAND : Project2 image


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